samedi 11 mars 2017

Favourite TV series

  Revenge and Skins are my favorite TV series.
  Revenge is an American drama series inspired by the Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo. It is about a young woman named Amanda Clarke whose father was framed by the Grasons for treason and accused of being involved in a terrorist attack when Amanda was still a little girl. He got imprisoned and killed in jail by associates of the Grasons. His daughter was in a juvenile correctional facility untill she got released on her 18th birthday. Then, she went back to take revenge on her father’s death ; she changed her identity into Emily Thorne and rented her father’s beach house in The Hamptons, near The Grasons and started executing the stages of her elaborate plan. I like it because of the suspense and the unpredictible plot, also because its story-lines explore some political and social issues.

  Skins is a British teen drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers in Bristol who are trying to grow up and find love and happiness despite the struggles being teenagers. There are 7 seasons  and three generations. The primary cast is replaced every two years, every two seasons. Each episode focuses on a particulat character and the issues they face in life, such as dysfunctional families, mental illness, bullying, substance abuse, death, etc… My favourite

mardi 15 novembre 2016


 Music has had a very important role in my life. I believe it is the best and greatest human invention.
 I always carry my phone and headphones around; I listen to music every single day. To me, it is an escape from the dull reality, it takes me to a more peaceful and beautiful place. I also do believe that music flows from heaven to the soul; it is supposed to smooth the mind and give the heart a rest.
 I grew up in a very artistic environment; I first was introduced to music by my father who's a singer and a luth player. I also had played the piano for three years.
 I can enjoy many music genres, from Alternative Rock to Grunge, Jazz to Blues, Trip Hop to Dream Pop... It depends on the days, my mood, the weather...
 I like songs with good lyrics, songs making you feel something; simply speaking what cannot be expressed. 
 Some of my favorite artists are Angus and Julia Stone, Flatsound, Aurora, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Cigarettes After S, The 1975, Nirvana, Citizen, Son Lux, Dillon, Sarah Jaffe, Coldplay, Daughter, Radiohead, Fauve, Postmodern Jukebox etc... 

 I think music can be one's inspiration, friend, identity, therapist, world.

mercredi 28 septembre 2016


Hello there, 

My name's Rim, I'm fifteen years old and I'm from Tangier. I'm a very curious person; I love learning and discovering new things. I love all forms of arts; in fact, I draw, paint and write. I spend my days listening to music and watching series; some of my all time favorite singers are Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and some french artists you certainly don't know such as Saez and Fauve and my current favorite series are American Horror Story. 

Many reasons make me very proud of my city but the one that makes me as proud is its incredibly rich history due to all the civilizations that had been historically present since the 5th century BC; from Carthaginians, to Greeks (who ascribed the vity's establishment to the giant Antaios calling Sufax the son of Hercules. And since I'm talking about Hercules, the cave of Hercules where it is believed Hercules slept before attempting one of his twelve labours and which is situated a few miles from the city is a major tourist attraction) and from Roman to the Byzantine Empire, Spanish and French. The only thing that I dislike about my city is that there aren't many art institutions.