mardi 15 novembre 2016


 Music has had a very important role in my life. I believe it is the best and greatest human invention.
 I always carry my phone and headphones around; I listen to music every single day. To me, it is an escape from the dull reality, it takes me to a more peaceful and beautiful place. I also do believe that music flows from heaven to the soul; it is supposed to smooth the mind and give the heart a rest.
 I grew up in a very artistic environment; I first was introduced to music by my father who's a singer and a luth player. I also had played the piano for three years.
 I can enjoy many music genres, from Alternative Rock to Grunge, Jazz to Blues, Trip Hop to Dream Pop... It depends on the days, my mood, the weather...
 I like songs with good lyrics, songs making you feel something; simply speaking what cannot be expressed. 
 Some of my favorite artists are Angus and Julia Stone, Flatsound, Aurora, Lana Del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Cigarettes After S, The 1975, Nirvana, Citizen, Son Lux, Dillon, Sarah Jaffe, Coldplay, Daughter, Radiohead, Fauve, Postmodern Jukebox etc... 

 I think music can be one's inspiration, friend, identity, therapist, world.